Get Involved – Life and Breath Foundation

Get Involved

Here are several ways that you can support the Life and Breath Foundation.

Financial Contributions

With each dollar raised, we are given the opportunity to raise the spirit of each person struggling with Sarcoidosis. Your contribution is used to fund research for this disease. By supporting the Life and Breath foundation, you will bring us one step closer to finding a cure.



There are many ways that you can volunteer your time. It can be as little or as much as you want. Any time that you can give is appreciated from our organization. We have several events throughout the year that you can be a part of; such as, the Flip Flop Festivus.

"IN-KIND" Donations

This includes professional services, corporate donations, goods, services and any other monetary donations. The ways in which you can help will make an extreme difference. Please assist us in our efforts to reach our goals.

Spread the NEWS

Be an Advocate! It is about informing yourself and others about this disease. It is about joining together and building a connection with people. It is about uplifting, and helping others. It is about using facts, using faces, and using every tool possible to spread awareness.