In memory of Bryant Jenkins - Life and Breath Foundation

In Memory of Bryant Jenkins

A Life Well Lived…

The Life & Breath Foundation is pleased to accept donations in remembrance of Bryant Jenkins, who volunteered with the Foundation in support of its outreach and awareness campaign as a person living with sarcoidosis. Bryant lived a full and active life despite his diagnosis in his early 20’s. Throughout his life, Bryant enjoyed racquetball, tennis, cycling, golf, traveling, and raising his children in partnership with Luwanda Jenkins, his wife of 32 years.

Bryant was well known and well thought of. Baltimore was his home and the place where he enjoyed a successful career in accounting, pharmaceutical sales management, and his last venture was successfully developing a State Farm Insurance Agency. A proud alumnus of Morgan State University, Bryant was a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, and other business, civic and social organizations. 

For 30 plus years Bryant’s sarcoidosis remained dormant until the disease became active in his late 50’s and aggressively compromised his ability to breathe without the use of supplemental oxygen. Bryant refused to give up or let pulmonary sarcoidosis define him. Fiercely determined to push past the pain caused by the symptoms, the paralyzing fear and frustration over the lack of treatment options, Bryant’s focus was on living with purpose and making a difference.

Bryant lost his battle with this mysterious and debilitating disease on December 1, 2020 after a lengthy period in home hospice. Surrounded by his family, close friends and supported by his faith, Bryant succeeded in making every breath count towards a Life Well Lived.

Please consider making a donation to the Life & Breath Foundation in Bryant’s memory. 


Bryant and Luwanda Jenkins at the Life & Breath Foundation’s Flip Flop Festivus in 2019.