Why We Exist – Life and Breath Foundation

Why We Exist

Founder, Sean Hull

Sean Hull unexpectedly lost his mother in 1996. She had been struggling for more than 13 years with Sarcoidosis. She was a strong and courageous woman who never let the pain of Sarcoidosis affect her spirit or touch her soul. The way she lived her life helped create the building blocks for the Life & Breath Foundation. Read Ida Hull’s story.

Founded in 1998, the Life & Breath Foundation’s mission is to provide the Sarcoidosis community with the vital resources needed to manage their medical care and to offer a supportive environment where they can be empowered. Since its inception, it has raised over $350,000 for Sarcoidosis awareness and research studies. 

We know the support from generous contributors can help deliver hope, knowledge and some day even a cure.

Our primary goals are:
– to offer the sarcoidosis community effective tools to track their journey, decipher medical issues and maximize their quality of life
– to provide a nurturing environment for those affected by Sarcoidosis to share their experiences and
– to build more awareness within the medical community to help combat this chronic disease.